The Mundane Things Come First

While I would like to just dive into one or another of my projects, I need to get some rather mundane pieces of work out of the way. It isn’t very inspiring work and some days I just want to rest and relax.

This week I   got started on a catalogue of all my videos. I’ve collected quite a lot of video over the last 14 or so years, but I don’t have a very good idea what I have.

There are two projects I need the catalogue for. The first is a retrospective of my wife’s life and our time together. This would just be for family and friends.

The other is a project I call “Brief Moments of Tranquility”. Over the years I collected shots of quiet places: snow falling, rain, flowers and lakes and rivers. I think I can put them together in an interesting way.

The cataloguing went smoothly enough. I was often side tracked by clips of my wife that I would watch over again. I think this could be quite a challenge for me.

Another mundane task that sits in wait for me is some filing. When I searched for my print of “Contingency”, I moved all my film making files from the basement storeroom into our living room. A total of 16 bankers boxes of stuff.

I felt I should try to organize the files a bit better before I put them back. It one of those things I’ll tend to leave to another day.

I have people coming over Monday, which does not give me much time to get this done. I better stop here and go try to get it done.

I noticed that I had huge increase in page views on my website starting about 2 weeks ago. The views are spread across several different categories that I don’t think are related. I would have expected that a big jump in views would be in one category, or even one page.



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