The Scatter Shot Approach Doesn’t Work for Me

MyMostDifficultCaseIn the past I’ve run into trouble when I try to do too many projects at the same time. I think I’ve fallen into that again. I need to pick one project to focus on.

“The Barrier”

I left “The Barrier” for now. I’ll pick it up again when the new version of Xtranormal becomes available.

“My Most Difficult Case”

I started to work on “My Most Difficult Case” again. The files were very badly organized, so I tried to clean them up. To start I tried to get rid of duplicate files. I reduced the number of files from 42,109 to 21,789. I cut the number of folders from 716 to 265. The size of the files went from 324Gb to 187Gb.

There are still thousands of duplicates, but I’m not sure which I can get rid of. It also looks like I got rid of some files I should have kept. I generally hang on to all my intermediate files, so that it is easier to go back and fix mistakes. I got that habit when I worked in transportation planning. I think it is a good idea, but I need to document what I do better, so I can clean up the files later.

Triond and Wikinut

Some years ago I used to post articles on a couple of websites: Triond and Wikinut. I haven’t posted new articles to either for a couple years now. I haven’t had any payments from either of them for well over a year. I decided to cancel both accounts and repost my articles on my own site.

Wikinut doesn’t seem to have a “close account” function. I found some discussion of that on some web posts. Someone said that they will close an account if you sent them a message and ask them to close the account. I sent a message, but they haven’t responded yet.

There seems to be some problem with Triond. I can’t log in at all. I did a search and found that people have been complaining about problems with Triond since July. I will try again later.

I’ll likely wait for a while after I close these accounts before I start to report my articles on my website. I’d like to revise some of them. There are also a few that I think I just want to get rid of.


I want to do some work on my website. In particular I want to set it up to be more iPhone/iPad friendly. I use WordPress for my website and use a theme that I created from another theme. It is a bit clunky and I can’t see how I could easily modify it to be iPhone/iPad friendly.

I looked at some other themes, but I would need to make some major changes to any I choose. The last time I did a major revision, I set up an alternate website to test the new theme. I found that awkward to work with.

I wanted to see if it was possible to set up a site on my local computer and do the experimenting there. I found a couple of systems that seem to do the job: and XAMPP I don’t know much about either, so it is hard to decide.

Pick a Project

I think that I really need to get “My Most Difficult Case” over and done with. On the other hand I really want to redo my website. Maybe it will be easier to choose when I get up Monday morning.

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