Tom, a Woman Alone and “. . . and you said . . .”

I revised my story “A Woman Alone in a Cruel World” this week. It is a fable set in an ancient time. I want my wife to read it before I posted it. She hasn’t read it yet. She says it looks too depressing. Maybe I need to change the title.

“Tom and his Incredible Traffic Model” has been sitting idle for a while now. I hope to get back to it this coming week. It is a humorous piece inspired by years of work as a transportation planner.

I submitted one of my short film movie scripts, “. . . and you said . . .” to a script competition being run by the Show Us Your Shorts Film Festival.

I am looking at a couple of websites for selling my films on-line. One is Mishorts and the other is Payloadz . So far, they both look promising.

This week I watched Steve Hanon’s latest film: The Last of the River People . If you have a chance to see it, I suggest you do. I think this is his best films so far. It is a subtle film.

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