“Tom Swiftly and His Incredible Traffic Model” Posted

TomSwiftlyMy new story “Tom Swiftly and His Incredible Traffic Model” is now on-line for people to read. CAUTION: Story contains bad puns. Proceed at your own risk.


Tom Swiftly and His Incredible Traffic Model” is a sample of transportation planning humour. Puns and Tom Swiftlies count as humour don’t they?

The story tells the tale of a transportation planner and his team as they struggle to convince the city council to accept their proposal.

The original idea actually came to me almost 20 years ago. I tried and abandoned several different approaches before I found the right one. I worked on that approach off and on for six years. Finally, in October this year, I decided to give it one big push and get it done. I feel it is now ready for release into the wild.

Let me know if you think I over did the puns a bit.

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