Transportation Movie on Xtranormal Started

Traffic JamI started to develop a new video on Xtranormal this week. I would like to end up with a feature length movie, but we’ll see how it develops.

I planned to cannibalize my two stories “The Gladstone Barrier” and “The Glencoe Project” for the project. I’ve only taken some of the ideas from the stories so far. I haven’t used any material directly. Partly because I have some characters in different roles in each story, so I have to do some mixing and matching to make them work together.

The approach I’ve taken is to put together individual scenes, then later combine them into the whole movie. I’ve worked on three scenes so far, and I consider one of them finished. It is a new scene that has no counterpart in either of the stories. It does set up some new conflicts for the rest of the movie.

I’m mostly done the second, but think I can develop it a bit more. It replaces a scene in the original story that I couldn’t do in Xtranormal. Instead of showing the action, I have the characters talk about it. It isn’t as good that way, but I have to work with the limitations of the program.

The third is a continuation of the second scene, except that I bring in a new character and one of the others leaves. I haven’t been very successful with that one. I’ve scrapped what I’ve done so far and will start over. It is one of the scenes where I needed to change one of characters from the story. I can use most of the material from the story for this scene.

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