Website Infection Removed

SummerstooshortI didn’t get far on my projects this week. My wife’s health, of course takes precedence over all other things. Besides that, I had to deal with a malware infection on my website.


My website got infected with malware last week.

Nick Wernick, whom I know through my involvement with the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities, warned me that WordPress had a bug that scammers had started to exploit. Unfortunately, my site had already been compromised.

The company who hosts my site, Netfirms, had detected the malware and shut down my site. I wasn’t sure at first what I had to do, but their support team was helpful. All the same, it took me a couple days to get the site back up.

They do offer a service that protects your website from such attacks, but it is quite expensive. The mid level protection is about the same as I pay for hosting, while the top level is more than five times as much. The low level protection is cheaper, so I may go for that.

“Summer is Too Short”

I had hoped to work on “Summer is Too Short” this week, but didn’t manage to get anything done. I did open up the Premiere Pro file and did a little fiddling around, but no real work. Hopefully I’ll do better next week.

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