What Kind of Movie Do You Think I Should Make?

I want to make a feature length movie! I have written a script for a feature called The Anger Trap, but I want to explore other ideas before I decide on what to make.

Can you help me?

Is there a kind of film that you would like to watch that never gets made?

I would like to do something original, but some something that people would like to see.

  • There mystery and detective films,
  • There are love stories and buddy films,
  • There are epic and western films,
  • There are fantasy and science fiction films,
  • There are comedy and satire films,
  • There are faith based and message films,
  • There are history and biography films,
  • There are action and adventure films and
  • There are horror and war films.

Are there any other types of films that no one is making these days?


  1. I don’t think there are any other types of films.
    Though, mixing up the types of films would be nice (:

    • Thanks for the comment. It would be nice if I could come up with something really original, but you are probably right about mixing the types as the way to go.

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