What Next?

I got some nice comments from people about the award Contingency won at the festival last weekend. It was all very gratifying. Some people suggested I get it into other festivals, but I can’t think of any other festivals where I could submit it. Since the film is focussed on the $100 Festival, other festivals might not see it as appropriate.

I still want to get the film converted to video so more people can see it. Other than that, I am pretty much done with this film and it is time to move on to other projects. I am not sure what to do next.

I had a look at the blog post I did on my 2012 goals. My next top priority should be to finish My Most Difficult Case. It has been quite a while since I did anything on that, so I’m not sure just exactly where I left it. I need to set aside some time to review where I am on this project.

I know I have to finish the sound, but I want to make some minor changes to the images. In a couple of shots, you can see pictures on the wall. It looks like it’s unlikely that I can get releases for them, since I can’t even identify who owns the rights to them. One has a note about the organization that created it, but the organization doesn’t exist anymore. The other has no information about who created it. If I want to distribute the film, I think I’ll need to cover them up somehow. I tried that before, without much success.

I want to redo Some Days . . ., but I think I’ll do it later this year. It needs a lot of patience to do properly.

I published an article I wrote about “Conversational Films” and a blog post about my transportation planning story this week. I’d started them earlier, but dropped them so I could concentrate on Contingency. In my 2012 goals, I said that I wouldn’t do any more articles that were unrelated to my film or story projects. I had come up with several ideas, but I think I better drop those and concentrate on my film and story work.

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