A Little Work on a “Short” Project


I started to work on “Summer is Too Short” this week. My editing went well and I am hopeful I will get this done soon.

I shot “Summer is Too Short”  last year, but hadn’t cut it together yet. It is a time lapse movie. I shot one image a day for about 9 months, which gave me about 280 images.

I didn’t have a time lapse video camera, so I used a still camera. About a third of the way through, my still camera stopped working. I borrowed my wife’s camera for the rest of the movie.

I hand held the camera, so the images jump around quite a lot. I expected this, but since I had to deal with a similar problem with “Contingency” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79sPbUoD9zM), I felt confident that I could work around it.

I use Premiere Pro to edit the movie. I imported all the images and added them to a time line. The process I followed to line up the images was to over lay one image on either the previous or following image. I made the top image semi transparent. I used the motion controls to get the images to line up.

The adjustments were rather tricky, but I got better at it as I did more. I found it more difficult to deal with images that were at a different angle. Again, I have gotten better at  that kind of adjustment.

I am about half way through aligning the images, so I think I’ll have that done next week. However, some of the images will need some colour or brightness adjustments once I have them aligned.

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