A New Start For “My Most Difficult Case”

I got back to work on “My Most Difficult Case” this week. My goal was to get all the files organized, but I also started to make some changes to the movie.

Initially I tried to clean up the computer files and get rid of duplicates. That proved to be difficult, so I just sorted files into those I thought I would need to finish the project and those I didn’t think I would need.

The video editing program links to all the input files, and so I had to re-link all the files. That was picky work.


I thought I had it all done, when I noticed a problem with one shot. I had done a overlay to cover up some pictures on the wall because I didn’t have the rights to them. It turned out that I had a missing file. I went to the back up drives on the assumption that I had accidentally deleted the file when I got rid of duplicates. I spent a half day searching for the files, and couldn’t find them. They weren’t on the back up disk either, so I must have accidentally deleted them long ago. Finally I decided to recreate the files. It only took a fraction of the time I spent in my search.

I re-cut part of the movie. Years ago I had a professional video editor re-cut the movie and it turned out much better, so I kept most of his changes. One change I had left in was where he put  the murder scene. It had been at the front of the movie and he moved it to the end to be a flashback.

He recognized the actor from the way he walked and felt that would give away the end of the movie. I wanted to move it back to the start, but hadn’t tried it until now. I felt that the vast majority of people who see the movie won’t know the actor, so they wouldn’t recognize him. I’ll have another look at it before I decide to keep it or not.

I need to think through what to do next. There are a few tidy up edits that I think are optional. The main issue though, is the sound. I’m not very sure just what I want to do with the sound. As it stands, it is fairly bare boned. I’d also like to do something to build up the voices too. They sound tinny to me.

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