A New Writing Exercise and an Old Video – 2022 March 6

I’m a bit stumped by my next writing exercise. My last video still isn’t finished. I made some progress though. It has been a learning experience.

The Script group had their 100th meeting (I joined about meeting 24). We had a lot of discussion and so we ran out of time to do the writing exercise. The title was “The Dread of the Daring Rocketeer”. I haven’t done anything on it yet, other than come up with name for the rocketeer: Don Brown.

I showed the script group the first version of “The Desperation of the Wretched Senator.” They had a lot of suggestions. Mostly they felt it was too slow. I went back and electronically sped up the dialogue. Then I adjusted the pitch so that the characters didn’t sound like Mickey Mouse breathing Helium. I eliminated some of the pauses in conversation. I sped up the walking as well. I can’t do that in NAWMAL, so I had to do it in the video editor.

I wanted to add a final shot that I couldn’t do in NAWMAL, so I used Blender instead. It is only a short shot, but it has already taken me more time than the entire rest of the video, and I’m not done yet. It is looking good. It has been a learning experience, and I’ve picked up a few tricks. I removed Blender 3.0 and went back to Blender 2.79. The main reason was that the new version was slow. I had installed a software fix so it would work with my graphics card. That worked, but I think that may be why it is so slow. It may be time to look at a new computer. I read that the best choice for people doing video on their computer is to buy a gaming computer. I’m likely to procrastinate on that for a while yet.

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