A Science Fiction Story and Two Writing Exercises

I was a bit lax with my blog in May. I did manage to record and post a couple of my writing exercises. I also went back to a story I abandoned 8 years ago and did a new treatment.

The Rise of the Venerable Villain

A reporter and a police officer discuss a villain.

I think it is the worst writing exercise I’ve ever done, so don’t feel obliged to listen to it.

Down and Out with the Apologetic Captain

A man down on his luck talks to two sailors.

Science Fiction Story Treatment

I’m still mulling over the response my “Bright Freedom” treatment and licking my wounds. As a result, I decided to revisit a story I started it back in 2012. I abandoned in in 2014. I had a sense that it was missing something, but I wasn’t sure what. I put it to one side and didn’t look at it again until this week.

“Felix: A Martian Mystery” is a science fiction story set in the near future. The main character is a robot rover on Mars that finds something surprising. 30 years later a team of astronauts goes to investigate.

What I had from before was a 9,300-word draft and about 1,900 words of background information. I had a spreadsheet where I had worked out the timeline. I also had a map of the area where the action takes place.

There is a problem with the plot, so I felt that I should scrap the stuff I’d written and go back to a treatment. At the same time, I realized that what was the future in 2012, is now the past, so I had to redo the timeline.

I have a new timeline and a draft of the treatment done. I want to go over the draft treatment once or twice more before I share it.

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