Abandoned Scripts: What Do You Do When You Can’t Get That Big Star

I have posted a new article I wrote: “Abandoned Scripts: What Do You Do When You Can’t Get That Big Star”.

Note 2022 August 25: This article has been removed. If you are interested, I can repost it on my site.

Excerpt: The filmmaker Federico Fellini wrote scripts planning to have some famous actors play the leads. Many times, he could not get them. I am sure that most writers and filmmakers run into this problem. It has certainly has happened to me. I am certainly no Fellini. If he can’t get someone famous, what chance do I have? With some projects, you can go ahead with different actors, but with others, you have to abandon them. Here are a few of the ideas that I’ve had to abandon.

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I am working on another couple of stories now and will be posting them as soon as they are done. One is a fable set in the distant past and the other is a humorous piece drawing from my experiences in transportation planning.

Please have a look at one of my old stories: “The Parasol”.


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