Another Short Story Posted and Work on “After You’re Gone”

I actually got some things done this week!

“A Secret History of the Mischievous Mafioso.

I did this writing exercise a couple weeks ago, but only got around to recording it this week. We wrote for only 20 minutes instead our usual 30 minutes, so it ended up shorter. That might be a good thing.

Parker was onto a major scoop. The burly man across from him had secrets to tell.

One thing that struck me was that when I am writing, I should avoid words I have trouble pronouncing.

“After You’re Gone”

This script is based on some conversations I had with my wife before she died. I have tried to fictionalize the conversation to allow me to have some distance from it. I have worried that it is still something I shouldn’t share. My wife was a private person, so might have objected. On the other hand, many other people face these same decisions, and this could help them.

I want to ask my brother-in-law how he feels about it. He doesn’t speak or read English, so I’ve been translating it into Chinese. I used Google translate. First, I translated from English into Chinese, then back to English to check that it still makes sense. However, translation can be fraught with traps, like idioms which don’t translate well.

I had one Chinese friend review it and she made some changes. I did a back translation and made a few of my own changes. I had a second Chinese friend review it and they felt that it was an OK translation. They did bring up that I had translated it to simplified Chinese characters. That makes me wonder if I should have translated it to traditional Chinese characters. Deciding that is the next stage in my journey.

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