How to write a feature movie script

This article is a compilation of ideas I had as I tried to learn how to write a feature movie script. Some ideas are based on my personal experience, but I also draw from the thoughts of others. I steal my ideas wherever I can find them, and don’t always remember where. I originally wrote this about nine years ago, and while my views have evolved, I still find it useful to review from time to time.

Don’t let your Heroes be Stupid

It is all too easy for writers to make their heroes do something stupid to move their story forward. If the writer cannot give the audience a good explanation why, they may not buy into the story.

Transportation: Planners Versus Modellers

As a former transportation planner, I want to write a story about transportation planning, but which will still resonate with other people. Where we find conflict, peril and personal growth, we can create stories that engage people. This article is the result of my search for these elements in transportation planning.

A Review of “Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Fail– and Why We Believe Them Anyway”

This book by Dan Gardner caught my interest, because I just spent the last 30 years of my life as an expert predictor in the field of transportation planning. I must admit that I felt defensive at first, since the author appeared to discount all forecasters. However, as I read the book, I found that I agreed with many of his points.

The History of the $100 Film Festival

This is an article I wrote on how the $100 Film Festival started. The festival is now in its 20th year and is the longest running film festival in Calgary.

How Would Proportional Representation Change Canadian Politics?

Many people in Canada believe that the country should have a parliament elected through some form of proportional representation. I had a look at how that might work out.

What Would a World with 90 per cent Unemployment be like?

Some people say that technology would eliminate the majority of jobs people do now. I speculate on how this would affect society and individuals.

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