These are some short stories and writing exercises that I have recorded and posted on SoundCloud.

Most of these recordings are based on writing exercises I did based on the title. The title was generated randomly on the page:

“Ted Writes a Novel” Recording Demonstration

This video demonstrates how I prepared the audio recordings on my audio page.

The Chatty Astroturf Political Consultant and the Unobtrusive Educator

2024 3:33

Alfred seeks advice and support from Bernice to make his goal a reality.

Character voices by

My Opinion on the Sophisticated Tape

2024 3:43

Alice and Jeff discuss Jeff’s new product proposal.

Character voices by

Collapsing Into the Arms of a Pale Hitman

Image created using Image Creator from Microsoft Bing

2024 3:54

Ursula notices a pale man following her. She confronts him.

Character voices by Olivia-V20, Arnold

The Notion of the Dirty Pot

Image created using Image Creator from Microsoft Bing

2024 3:57

Rachel, an archaeology graduate student finds an unusual pot on a dig. Professor Albert Shannon is also baffled.

Character voices by
Sam-v30 – real woman (trained on 100 hours of HQ audio)

The Dreadful Baseball Player and the Wide-eyed Biologist

2023 3:19

Carrie’s experience with speed dating wasn’t going well. Then Oliver sat down across from her.

The Last Thing He Said to the Late Great Chef

2023 3:13

As the end nears, two old friends recall high lights of their relationship.

The Mystery of the Resourceful Chiseller

2023 3:43

Jeffery recalls the life of Ralph, a notorious conman and chiseller he locked horns with in the past.

The Revenge of the Buried Athlete

2023 2:47

Alfred must face the consequences of his past deeds.

The Offensive Restaurateur and the Bellicose Connoisseur

2023 2:17

Two unpleasant people in a restaurant do not get along well.

A Secret History of the Mischievous Mafioso

2023 2:24

Parker was onto a major scoop. The burly man across from him had secrets to tell.

The Manipulative Virtual Assistant

2023 2:37

Jeff is having a bad day, when his virtual assistant suggests a better way.

The Fate of the Experimental Musician

2023 3:15

Detectives discuss the case of Experimental Musician Lewis van der Graaf.

The Unthreatening Dancer and the Resistant Flutist

2023 4:03

A flutist and a dancer negotiate the music she will dance to.

The Rueful Agent and the Nicer Cryptographer

2023 3:52

Agent C91Q57 needed help. Would the man he went to be willing to do what he needed? The last time didn’t go well.

The Wisdom of the Annoyed Accountant

2023 3:13

Clara had a question for her accountant, but he was not happy to see her in his office. At least, not at first.

Note: I do not recommend the advice given in this story.

The Old House and the Desperate Baroness (Revised)

2023 5:56

A once wealthy Baroness dreads a visit from a certain young man.

This is a revised recording. I used the voice changer to replace the character voices.

I used voices for two well know people. See if you can identify them.

The Quest of the Valuable Fugitive

2022 4:01

George Potter lives in fear. He goes on a short quest to seek his release.

The Lighter Darkness

2022 4:17

In an old haunted house, George must overcome fear if he is to succeed..

This recording is based on a writing exercise I did based on the title “Complaining About the Jittery Phantom”. I felt a change in the title was appropriate.

The Courage of the Laidback Librarian

2022 5:51

A librarian’s concern about the welfare of an odd young man leads her into a dangerous situation.

The Old House and the Desperate Baroness

2022 6:08

A once wealthy Baroness dreads a visit from a certain young man.

The Werewolf and the Self-satisfied Negotiator

2022 4:05

A man walking late at night in a dark forest feels no fear when he encounters a werewolf.

Down and Out with the Apologetic Captain

2022 3:26

A man down on his luck talks to two sailors.

The Rise of the Venerable Villain

2022 3:20

A reporter and a policeman discuss a villain.

The Chronicles of the Natural Mobster

2022 2:40

Was this James Smith a natural mobster?

The Rival of the Luminous Video Artist

2022 3:49

At a gallery, a video artist looks at new works by a man he considers his main rival.

A Journal for the Silly Soil Scientist

2022 3:11

A panel of Scientists are taken aback by an unexpected request.

Time Enough for the Anxious Social Media Manager

2022 3:01

Albert meets with his social media manager. Derek is anxious about the new campaign.

The Dread of the Daring Rocketeer

2022 3:02

Circumstances forces a rocket scientist to take a risky chance. He hopes he won’t regret it.

The Desperation of the Wretched Senator

2022 3:08

A politician tries to keep his past deeds from coming back to haunt him.

I turned this into a short video:

The Riddle of the Magnificent Director

2022 4:02

A film fanatic gets to interview a movie director he greatly admires.

The Metamorphosis of the Sixth Space Traveler

2022 – 3:52

On the country’s sixth mission to space, the space traveller makes an important discovery..

The Princess and the Elated Tax Collector

2022 – 3:05

The princess does not want to pay her taxes. The tax collector has other ideas.

The Magnificent River

2021 – 2:49

Paul wants to see Laura, who is on the opposite side the magnificent river.

Playing a Trick on an Odd Electrician

2021 – 2:44

An old man who thinks he has a sense of humor decides to play a trick on an electrician.

The Lover and the Chivalrous Paladin

Based on Photo by Julia Volk from Pexels

2021 – 4:37

Sir Robert de Rockfort takes on a dangerous assignment to please the woman he loves, Lady Delfinia..

A Clandestine Meeting with a Selfish Patsy

Louis Koutis by Keith Morison – Morison Communication

2021 – 3:19

George didn’t want to go back to jail. He thought Cecil would do it for him.

The Fortitude of the Adventuresome Husband

2021 3:25 minutes

An adventuresome Husband leads his wife on what is supposed to be a short walk in the evening.

I turned this into a short video:

The Depression of the Illegitimate Climate Scientist
2021 3:10 minutes

Martha takes a break from making dinner to talk with her husband Sidney about their problems.

The Sad Lady and the Hesitant Father-in-law
2021 3:23 minutes

What seems to be a chance encounter in the park turns out not to be random.

I turned this into a short video:

The Hysteria of the Uppity Guru

Dornava Mansion 195
2021 5:04 minutes

Two young people seek an audience with a great guru. What they learn is not what they expected.

I turned this into a short video:

The Sadness of the Cautious Goon
2021 3:46 minutes

Albert hires a bodyguard. He begins to wonder about the man.

The Maze of the Rich Emperor

2021 3:24 minutes

A rich emperor gives a humble gardener a great opportunity.

The Sorcery of the Powerful Videographer

2021 3:16 minutes

A movie director fights with a videographer and with his own ego.

A Romantic Interlude with a Svelte Teamster

2021 4:15 minutes

A woman at a truck stop meets an interesting truck driver.

The Enigma of the Insolent Castrato

2021 3:43 minutes
An investigator has an odd client and an even odder assignment. Will he uncover the secret in time?

The Tyranny of the Hungry Bookkeeper

2021 3:43 minutes
A writer fears the approach of the bookkeeper.

The Secret City

2021 3:30 minutes
A scientist searches for a secret city.

Carla’s Dinner

2021 3:13 minutes
A woman struggles with money problems.

The Jolly Doll

2021 3:28 minutes
A detective interviews a suspect.

The Last Crow

2021 3:34 minutes
Two ornithologists seek a special bird in a wildlife sanctuary.

Two Friends

2014 4:02 minutes
A fable about two friends and the tragedy of greed.