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During the last part of my wife’s illness I dropped all my writing and filmmaking projects. I want to get back to them now. It isn’t just that I want to work on them; I feel that I need something to focus on now that she is gone.


One project I want to do is make a retrospective video about my wife. I shot a lot of video and pictures of her during our life together. I want to share that with our friends and family. I expect that will be a difficult task emotionally for me.

“The Barrier”

I want to finish “The Barrier” ( I started to rewrite it last year before I stopped work on my projects. My intention is to finish the rewrite and then get some actors in to redo the dialogue. Then I can use Nawmal to redo the visuals.

I don’t expect that the movie will find a very large audience; there does not seem to be a huge demand for films about transportation planning. In any event, I saw it as an exercise in how to create a feature movie. I have learnt a lot form the work I’ve done, and expect to learn more. I would like to have a finished version before I move onto other film projects.

I have thought of building a small recording booth in my. I do have a small room that I think I can set up as a booth. I’ll need to do something to dampen the sound and get a decent microphone. I think I can use one of my computers to do the recording. The room could use some ventilation; I don’t want to asphyxiate the actors.

“The Disruptors”

I want to write a novella/novelette based on my disruptor’s idea. How to deal with terrorism is still a big issue these days. I have bits and pieces of material I have developed. They need to be organized before I can start on an outline. I want to follow the approach that I used to write “The 89th Key” (

“Brief Moments of Tranquility”

Over the years and travels I’ve collected many video clips of what I thought of as tranquil places. I’ve wanted to do something with those for a long while.

Recently I stumbled upon some ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos on YouTube. I found they helped me relax a little during my recent stressful times. I also noticed that some of them have as much as a million views.

I think that there would be some value if I created and shared a video composed of the brief moments of tranquility that I have collected. I need to catalogue the videos so I know what I have to work with. I need to do that anyway for the retrospective of my wife.

Short Films

A couple weeks ago, I took my film “Contingency” into the CSIF so they could show it at the $100 Film Festival retrospective. They encouraged me to get involved with short films again. I think I may do that. One project I have in mind is to make a copy of “Contingency”. There is only a single copy now because I just did a work print because I had no intention to screen it more than once. I think it may just make sense to do that now.

Now: To Set Priorities

I know I can’t do all of these projects at once. In the past I have found that I am most productive when I devote the bulk of my time to a single project. At the moment I’m inclined to split my efforts into two projects: the retrospective of my wife and “The Barrier”. I think the retrospective is the more important of the two, but will likely be very emotionally draining. I need to have a second project that I can escape to.

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