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I haven’t got the film I shot for Contingency back yet, so this week I worked on some other projects. I have two articles and a short/fake article on the go. One article is about how to listen and the other is about chaos theory, complexity theory, and economics. The story is about a character I created called Orville Sharkbiter, who is the worst possible boss you could ever have.

I’ve had the ideas for a long time and had extensive notes. However, when I tried to work on them this week I found it very difficult to write. I think it is partly that I got out of the habit of writing. The other problem is that I tried to write them as if they were blog posts, which is a very different style.

I left them for a day and then tried a different approach. The listening article came together fairly well, but I ran out of steam at the end. I think I can finish it off in another session. I did better with the Orville Sharkbiter story and got a good first draft done. I’ll leave that for a day or so and then polish it.

I experimented with eBook publishing a little more. The place where I sell my book,, has an eBook converter you can use when you publish with them. I couldn’t get the eBook to look quite the way I wanted to, but I can work on it some more.

It also turned out that Lulu had converted an earlier version of my book into an eBook and it is for sale on iTunes. ( Not only that, but I actually had a sale through iTunes. I made enough to buy a Tim Horton’s donut! If I can sell 999,999 more, I’ll make a million dollars.

Note 2015 May 20: I fixed a broken link.

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