I recorded and posted “My Opinion on the Sophisticated Tape” this week. Alice and Jeff discuss Jeff’s new product proposal. https://soundcloud.com/dynamiclethargy/my-opinion-on-the-sophisticated-tape Image created using Image Creator from Microsoft Bing Character voices by Voice.ai: Arnold and Renee-v10

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been all the rage in 2023 and it looks like it will continue to be a big thing in 2024 as well. I have mixed feelings about AI. I can see its value as well as the dangers and challenges it brings. In this series of blog posts I will try to clarify my own thoughts about AI.

I wrote, recorded, and posted my writing exercise: “The Notion of the Dirty Pot.” Rachel, an archaeology graduate student finds an unusual pot on a dig. Professor Albert Shannon is also baffled. https://soundcloud.com/dynamiclethargy/the-notion-of-the-dirty-pot The recording is also available on the audio page of my website. https://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/audio/ This is a writing exercise based on a random… Read Article →

I made progress on a few small projects recently. One was one that has been hanging around for nearly two years. The others are a response to a script writing challenge to the CSIF Older Filmmaker’s Club.

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