Changes To My Random Title Generator, A New Video and A New Audio Recording – 2022 February 13

This week I made some changes to my random title generator. I also added a video and an audio based on a couple of writing exercises I did.

Changes To My Random Title Generator

I made several changes to my random title generator. I added more words to the lists, and it now generated up 477,000,000 unique titles.

I had focussed on titles that feature a person as the object. I wanted to add titles that featured a thing as an object. I was struggling with how to do that. This week I decided to create a second random title page with thing-based titles. It can generate up to 373,000,000 unique titles. In some of the tests I did, the titles were nonsensical. I may need to edit the word lists to avoid those. Some words are innocuous on their own, but not when paired with certain other words that are innocuous on their own.

Between the two title generators they generate something like 850,000,000 titles. I’m tempted to see if I get that up to one billion.

I have the two pages linked, so you can switch between them.

One of the problems with the system is that we tend to keep generating titles because some of them are so amusing.

“The Riddle of the Magnificent Director”

At my writer’s group I did a writing exercise based on the title “The Riddle of the Magnificent Director”. Later in the week I did a recording and posted it.

“The Fortitude of the Adventuresome Husband”

I made “The Fortitude of the Adventuresome Husband” public. I decided not to make any changes to it.

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