“Collapsing into the Arms of a Pale Hit Man” Posted

I posted the recording of my writing exercise “Collapsing into the Arms of a Pale Hit Man.” It is supposed to be a romantic story. It took longer than I had hoped because of health issues I had to deal with.

“Collapsing Into the Arms of a Pale Hitman”

Image created using Image Creator from Microsoft Bing

2024 3:54

Ursula notices a pale man following her. She confronts him.

Character voices by Voice.ai: Olivia-V20 and Arnold

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Me”

I have a complete draft of part 3 of my “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Me” post. I am not totally happy with it, so I plan to work on it some more. Someone suggested I have ChatGPT rewrite it.

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