“Contingency” Progress Report 2012 February 12

I worked on my film Contingency most of the week. Some of the shots I had in the film were not as good as I would have liked, so reshot them. During the first part of the week, I set up or arranged the images I needed.

Wednesday I went downtown to pick up a camera from the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers. They moved their office just before Christmas and it was my first time to visit it. They have far less space now, but I think they have it more efficiently laid out. I believe they plan for this to be temporary. Temporary can last longer than permanent though.

I shot Thursday. It was a long day and slow work. I had to move the camera and tripod around, but fortunately, I didn’t need to use any lights. Even as it was, my cracked rib gave me a lot of pain. I tried to reshoot my other film, Some Days . . . , as well, but I’m not confident I’ll have a final version from that.

Friday I returned the camera. I sent the film to Niagara Custom Lab in Toronto http://www.niagaracustomlab.com/. I hope I get it back in time to get it ready for the festival. The time is tight though. In the past, I knew Rick Doe, who ran the film lab here in Calgary, would give priority to a project if you asked for it, but not for a 100-foot roll.

The $100 Film Festival accepted both Contingency and Some Days . . . this week. I told them that I didn’t think Some Days . . . would be ready. I have a version of Contingency that I feel is good enough to show, so even if the new film isn’t back in time, I can show it.

Note 2015 May 20: I fixed a broken link.

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