“Contingency” Progress Report 2012 January 15

I slipped on some ice on January 5 and that really threw a spanner into the works as far as my film goes. Didn’t do much for my arm and back either. I cracked a bone in my arm and a rib. Recovery has been and will be slow. They say it could be six weeks or more.

I don’t have my film Contingency ready to show at the $100 Film Festival yet and with my injuries, it will be difficult for me to get it ready.

I have all the shots I need, but I want to redo some of them because of poor image quality. I’ve asked a couple of people for help, but haven’t lined up anyone yet.

While I wait, I’ll create an edited film version of the movie with the shots I have. At least I’ll have something I can show.

Note 2015 May 20: I fixed a broken link.

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