Dabbling in “The Barrier”


I restarted my rewrite of “The Barrier” this week. My family responsibilities took precedence over my movie for the last few weeks.

It had been a while since I looked at the rewrite, and I found that I had changed my mind about what I wanted to go with it. Most of the effort I put in was on story structure. I deleted several scenes, I added some scenes, and I changed the order of some of the scenes.

One of the problems with the old version of the story was that I felt more emphasis needed to be on the barrier part of the story. Too much focused on Campbell’s Glencoe development. I found in the rewrite that most of scenes ended up longer, which made the whole movie longer than I wanted. That allowed me to drop some of the Glencoe scenes.

Most of the scenes I added were to accommodate the new scene I created of Arthur’s video shoot on Gladstone. I also needed to modify some existing scenes to fit it in. I did need to add a short scene to fill a gap left in the Glencoe story when I deleted those scenes. It was fortunate that I was able to cut them out without creating a major issue with the story.

I wrote brief versions of the new scenes, but they will need to be rewritten. I wanted to have something that I could start from. I had a good idea what I want to happen in them, but found it hard to get motivated to write them in much detail.

The hard part will come when I have to rewrite other scenes to adjust for the scenes I deleted or I added. There is a lot of good stuff that I will need to cut out.

With all the politics, doom and gloom in the news lately, the subject of “The Barrier” can seem trivial. However, I think the issues I address in the movie are important. Big complex things are built from many small simple things.

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