“Felix” and “The Barrier”

I started to get back to my story “Felix” this week, although I am still involved with “The Barrier”. Just before Christmas may not be that good a time to start a new project.


I wrote a first version of “Felix” a year ago. It is a science fiction tale that I based on a H. P. Lovecraft story. I changed the setting to Mars. I left it since then because I find it easier to rewrite if I can distance myself from the story.

I reread the story this week. It was different than I remember. For one thing, I had planned to have parts of the story told in flashback. In the version I did, I had done it in chronological order. I forgot I had done that. Lovecraft himself recommended that if you want to tell a story in non chronological order, that you start with it in chronological order, then rearrange it later.

I’ve come up with some ideas to revise the story. I know I need to develop the characters more, but I haven’t given that much thought yet.

“The Barrier”

I had some more good feed back this week. No bad feed back. My plan was to leave the project for at least several months before I do anything more on it. I didn’t think that there was much I could do unless I redid the movie from scratch. However, as I contemplate the comments I’ve had, I can see how I can do some improvements with out a complete redo.

Someone suggested that I add music. That could help, but I find it hard to imagine what kind of music would be appropriate. The suggestion was that I could use it to set the mood of each scene. I may set aside some time to review the options.

Another person suggested that I redo the voices with real actors in place of the computer generated voices. I think that can be done. I may try doing one character in one scene to see how it goes.

Initially I had some comments that questioned the validity of some of transportation planning details. That doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore.

Note: You can watch version 0.6 of “The Barrier” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATcKnFAwlU0 I hope to have a final version done some day.

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