Dynamic Lethargy Films is James Beattie Morison.

I am a independent film maker and my films have been shown at film festivals and exhibitions in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Victoria, New York City, Los Angeles, London and Adelaide.
I made my films with the help of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers.

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“Ted Writes a Novel” Recording Demonstration

2023 10 minutes

This video demonstrates how I prepared the audio recordings on my audio page.

The Sad Lady and the Hesitant Father-in-Law

2022 3 minutes

What seems to be a chance encounter in the park turns out not to be random.

The Desperation of the Wretched Senator

2022 3 minutes

A politician tries to keep his past deeds from coming back to haunt him.

The Fortitude of the Adventuresome Husband

2022 3 minutes

An adventuresome Husband leads his wife on what is supposed to be a short walk in the evening.

The Hysteria of the Uppity Guru

2021 (Video) 4 Minutes

Two young people seek an audience with a great guru. What they learn is not what they expected.

The ZOOM Bomber

2020 (video) 4 minutes
The Zoom Bomber is an idea I worked on last year. I produced this storyboard version.

Interstellar Probe #830

2019 (video) 6 minutes
When I heard of Breakthrough Starshot I was keen to see the outcome. However, it may be 44 years or more before we get anything. Since I won’t likely live that long, I decided to make up my own simulation of what they might find.

Sunset #7

2018 (video) 1 hour 23 minutes
A real time video of a slow sunset. Something for patient people to relax with.
Sunset #7 For Impatient People

旅行火星 (My Trip to Mars)

2018 (video) 40 seconds
I wrote this short story for an introductory course in Mandarin.

Summer’s Too Short

2015 (video) 29 seconds
This film expresses how summer feels to me.

My Most Difficult Case

2014 (16mm) 9 minutes
A judge faces a difficult choice with his latest case. He hardly listens to the lawyers as they try to influence his decision.

The Barrier

2013 (video) 85 Minutes
Arthur knew that a barrier would save lives, but he must overcome other barriers first.

Note: I still consider this a “first draft” of the movie and plan to do a new version some day. Comments are appreciated.

Some Days . . .

2012 (16mm) 1 minute
Some days are better than others.

Make ’ em Squirm: The Sharkbiter Way

Sharkbiter Book Cover

2012 (video) 9 minutes
An interview with Orville Sharkbiter about his new book “Make ’ em Squirm: The Sharkbiter Way”.


2012 (16mm) 3 minutes
A retrospective look at the $100 Film Festival.

Line of Taxis

1999 (16mm) 11 minutes
A line of taxis waits in front of the office. They are “right-sizing” today.

My Next Film

2001 (16mm) 3 minutes
A film by James Beattie Morison about a film by Patrick Aull.

If I knew . . .

1995 (Super 8) 3 minutes
If I knew what this was about, I would tell you.

Who Shot the President

2001 (16mm) 3 minutes
WARNING: Some people may find this film offensive.
An intrepid investigative reporter blows the lid off the conspiracy.

Weekend in Calgary

Weekend in Calgary

1991 (Super 8) 3 minutes
In a big hurry to relax.

The Whispers Come

2009 (video) 1 minute
The world is in a fuss, but it doesn’t affect us.

The Fence

1996 (16mm) 3 minutes
An old fence by the side of the road inspires first speculation, then reflection.

Read me a Story Daddy

2008 (video) 1 minute
A father finds an easier way to read a story to his daughter.

Extra Special Care

990 (16mm) 4 minutes
A crack team of scientists and technicians collaborate on a very important project.

Note: This was a class project at SAIT.