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I have been struggling to get started on my writing and movie projects. Some one suggested that I write a story about a man who’s wife had died. My wife died last year. They thought that writing a story about what it is like would help me come to terms with her loss.

When I made “Line of Taxis” I wanted to use it to help me deal with some of the problems I had. Since it was an on-going situation, I didn’t want to address it directly. I created a situation quite different from my own, but where the protagonist would feel the same emotions. I believe that focus on the emotions was the main reason the film worked so well.

I tried to take a similar approach with this story. I hadn’t come up with any good ideas for a story that would allow me to explore my feelings.

Over the last few months I have been part of a script writing groups. They have a writing exercise every session and I wrote up a number of ideas. Recently they suggested I write a two page dialogue scene. That gave me an opportunity to write a character like myself. Since it would be just a short scene, I didn’t need to come up with a larger story that it would fit into.

The scene is about an older couple who are on their first date. The woman is recently divorced, while man’s wife died. Not only is it their first date, but it is the first date either has had since they lost their spouses. I haven’t progressed this far myself.

I felt it turned out OK. I only intended it to be a writing exercise, but I started to get interested in the characters. I felt I could build a larger story from it. I’m not sure just where I would take it, or what the point of the story would be. It isn’t the approach I planned to take.

I revised the scene based on some feed back, and posted it on my website at: https://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/scripts/first-date/

I would like to know if people think it would be worth my while to pursue.

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  1. The reality of a widower and divorcee having different starting points is presented well. It has a playful rather than edgy feel for it. I find myself pulling for both of them. If it gets expanded I would want a greater mix of feelings like “you dummy don’t say that” to appear. Definitely worth moving ahead with.

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