How I Plan to Rewrite “Felix”


I find it difficult to get started on my rewrite of my science fiction story “Felix”. Once I get started, I am sure it will go OK, but I haven’t got started yet.

I feel frustrated at my lack of progress. Part of the problem I think is that the rewrite is daunting. There seems like so much that I need to do. Somewhere I read that the way to rewrite is to rewrite several times. Each time you focus on a different aspect. I think I will try that approach.

My first rewrite will be to make structural changes to the story. This isn’t too big an issue, but I think it will help me get started. I want to move some sections around. What I have now is strictly chronological and I think parts of the story should be told as flash backs. There are also some parts where I want to cut material out. I have some long sections of detailed description that I want to be just suggested.

In my second rewrite, I plan to replace several sections of the story. This is primarily because I have changed my mind about what should happen. In some cases the sections are too short and not in enough detail. In others I have the plot develop too fast. In both cases the changes are drastic enough that I think it is better to start over from scratch. I expect this rewrite will take up most of my time.

I plan to do several rewrites that focus on just one character at a time. I want to ensure that each character is consistent in how they talk and behave. I have 4 main characters, so that means 4 rewrites.

In my final rewrite I want to focus on the details of the writing. That will include grammar, spelling and sentence structure.  At the same time I plan to work on what I call word-smithing, where I revise the writing for clarity and flow.

Hopefully, this will greatly improve the story. Then I can start to ask people to read it.

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