If I Knew . . .

1. If I knew what this was about, I would tell you


2. Four dreamlike episodes:

  • fear of forgetting,
  • fear of change,
  • fear of being trapped,
  • fear of the unknown.

Cast and Crew

  • Made with help from: Brian Howland, Betty Ann Cook, Gord Pepper, David Jones, Linda Hills, Yuhan Fung
  • Lab service: Rick Doe – The Local Lab
  • Equipment: Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers
  • Music: written and performed by James Reckseidler in 2007. www.youtube.com/reckseidlerfilms
  • Everything else: James Beattie Morison


  • $100 Film Festival Calgary, 1995
  • Splice This!” festival in Toronto in June 1998

1995 (Super 8mm) 3 minutes

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