Initial Versions of all Scenes for “The Barrier” Done


Work on “The Barrier” went well this week. I completed initial versions of all of the planned scenes done. There is still quite a bit of work to do.

I finished seven scenes this week, with a 9:51 run time. I ended up with 90:35 run time for all the scenes. Once I edit the movie together, I expect that will end up a few minutes shorter.

I started to go through the scenes a second time. Mostly I focused on standardizing names and scene titles. I made some minor revisions or added dialogue to a few scenes. In a couple of scenes I decided to add some background characters to make it feel like there was a big crowd of people around. That took a lot of time. I want to do that to a few other scenes, but will leave that until later.

Xtranormal will shut down at the end of the month, so I need to get everything completed before then if I want to finish the movie. There are things that I can do after it shuts down, so I’ll leave those until August.

I investigated some alternatives to Xtranormal. I didn’t get too far with that, and plan to leave any serious follow up until August. There are some promising systems. Most seem to be based in the UK for some reason. Xtranormal is based in Montreal. I’d like to support a Canadian company.

Note: You can watch version 0.6 of “The Barrier” here:  I hope to have a final version done some day.

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