Maybe It’s Time to Get a New Secret Cabal to Run the World


I don’t believe that there is a secret cabal that runs the world, but if there is one, they don’t seem to be very good at it. Maybe it is time that we replace them with a new secret cabal and see if they can do a better job.

Back when I made “Who Shot the President” I read a lot about various conspiracy theories. While secret conspiracies have existed in the past, and some may well exist now, it is doubtful that most of the large conspiracy theories have any basis in reality. A recent study demonstrated that large conspiracies unlikely to stay secret for long:

Nevertheless, the concept of a large scale secret conspiracy to run the world still attracts people’s interest. If nothing else, it certainly provides much fodder for fictional treatment.

For quite a while now, I’ve rejected the idea on the basis that if there was a secret cabal, they didn’t seem to be competent. Eventually I came to think that if they were so bad at their job, they should be replaced. This might make a good story.

I need to have is a reasonable way for the secret cabal to be replaced. Of course, if it is more of a satire, I could come up with an absurd method to replace them.

I have the feeling that a lot of people who fervently believe that there is a secret cabal that runs the world would probably be very offended by any kind of satire. I got several threats of violence when I posted “Who Shot the President” on YouTube.

Maybe I could have the secret cabal’s replacement put to a world wide democratic vote. The secret cabal would need to campaign to convince people to keep them in power. Other potential secret cabals would propose how they would run the secret world conspiracy. The unfortunate draw back is that I don’t think I am ready to write something of this sort.

Another possibility is to have a higher level secret cabal that can hire and fire the lower level secret cabal. That could mean that there is an even higher level secret cabal that can hire and fire the higher level secret cabal. There could be an infinite number of levels of secret cabals. This could turn into another absurd story.

Maybe someday I’ll be ready to take this on as a project, but for now I think I need to let it percolate through my mind. Maybe more inspiration will pop-up.

You can watch “Who Shot the President”  here:


  1. I agree, conspiracies are unlikely to stay secret for long. As they say, the only thing more impressive than actually landing on the moon would be faking it and managing to keep it a secret for half a century.

    • I’ve heard that some film special effects people don’t think they could fake it even today.

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