My Most Difficult Case 2010 September 12

I contacted some of the people who worked on the film to sign releases. Not everyone has gotten back to me, so I still need to follow up on this.

I read Michael Ondaatje’s book “The Conversations” recently. It is a series of conversations with Walter Murch.

In one section, Murch talks about using music to help a visual transition. There were a couple of transitions in My Most Difficult Case where I thought that might help. I added some music. It’s in the place where I want it, but the music isn’t quite right. I think it will work eventually.

I tried some experiments with compositing. There is a picture on the wall in one scene, and I have no way to contact the person who did the picture to get a release. I want to cover it up some how. I made some progress and I have something that looks OK. It is finicky business and it will take me a while to get it looking good enough to use.

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