My New Website Theme: As The Goals Change


I made some progress on the new WordPress theme for my website this week. I ran into a few snags, but got past some of them. I’ve changed my mind several times about what my goal was.

Changing Goals

While I over came many of the snags I ran into, I gave up on the search for solutions to the others. This caused me to rethink my goals several times.

At the start of the week I had planned to create a entirely new theme that incorporated a new look and support for mobile devices. As the week progressed, I saw that this was a difficult goal to meet.

I wanted to make the theme more flexible and dynamic. I decided that rather than trying to make everything flexible, I should just hard code the template files. It is a bit clunky to do it that way, but at least it works. I only really need to have a more flexible theme if other people want to use it, and I don’t plan to do that.

I think I need to identify a series of versions that I want to do, so that I can start using what I’ve done. My new plan is:

  • (release 1.80) Create a new theme that replicates the look of my current theme. In this theme I would keep the code simple and avoid any fancy dynamic features. In this theme I will include an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plug-in which isn’t compatible with my existing SEO data.
  • (release 1.90) Upgrade the new theme to be mobile device friendly.
  • (release 2.00) Change the look of the theme.
  • (release 2.01) Convert the old SEO data to work with the new SEO plug-in.
  • (release 2.02) Upgrade the theme to make use of dynamic features.

Final Thought

Although I felt I make progress this week, and learned a few tricks, I’m not sure I can remember what I picked up if I want to go back and make more changes later.

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