New Film Posted: “Extra Special Care”

Well, actually, it is an old film, but I never posted it on-line before.

Extra Special Care 1990 (16mm) 4 minutes

A crack team of scientists and technicians collaborate on a very important project.

I made this as a member of a filmmaking class at The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Walter Sheppard urged me to post some of my earlier films, so I started with this one.

I did a little editing of the film. I cut some shots shorter and put in some dissolves. The original film was silent, so I decided to add sound effects.

I am posting this film only on my website and not YouTube or similar sites. If it works out, I may do that with all my films.

Note: I have posted this video on YouTube:

I no longer have the names of the other people who worked on the film. If you recognize anyone, please let me know.

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