New Writing Exercise and Old Person Script

This week I posted a new writing exercise and made some progress on a new script about old person issues.

Writing Exercise

At the Script Dreams group, we did a writing exercise based on a title from a new version of my random title generator. This new version creates a title that describes two people:

The title we chose to work with was “The Rueful Agent and the Nicer Cryptographer.” It had a sort of spy story vibe to it. I got my story done with in the time limit. The next day, I recorded it and posted it on my website and my Sound Cloud account:

Old Person Script

A few weeks ago, the Old Filmmakers Club I’m in had a challenge to write a short (3 to 5 minute) script that featured one or two characters and focussed on an issue that older people face. I did a short script that good some positive feed back. However, I felt uncomfortable with turning the script into a film because it was too personal. So I decided to try writing another story that I could feel more comfortable.

I worked on it at the Shut Up and Write Group I joined. At last week’s session I made some notes for the new story. At this week’s session I started to write the script. I got most of it done but didn’t get to the end of the story yet. I also haven’t put in some details I had planned to include. It looks like it will come in at the 4-to-5-minute length, but I felt that the story wants to be longer.

After the first session I had decided that I want to put more effort into this story than I originally planned. I expect to do more rewrites than normal. I very much want to story to work on more than just the surface level. I want to put more of it into the subtext. That will be a challenge.

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