Project Updates – November 2023

I have been lax in my blog posting. In fact, I actually got some stuff done though. A couple of writing exercises written, recorded, and posted. I thought about some other projects but haven’t put those to bed yet.

“The Last Thing He Said to the Late Great Chef”

As the end nears, two old friends recall high lights of their relationship.

As I write this, I am struck by the similarity to my script “After You’re Gone.” This wasn’t planned, I just reacted to the random title we got.

“The Mystery of the Resourceful Chiseler”

Jeffery recalls the life of Ralph, a notorious conman and chiseler he locked horns with, in the past.

After I wrote this one, it occurred to me that chiseler could also be used to describe a type of sculptor. I have an idea for a short piece based on that but keep procrastinating.

Removing Audio from Sound Cloud

I have been posting the recordings of my writing exercises on Sound Cloud. Unfortunately, I am getting closer to the limits of my free account. I have removed some of my older posts from the site and put them on my own website. Posts on Sound Cloud do get more hits than audio posts get on my site. However, the number drops off fairly quickly, so I don’t see that I lose much by removing the older ones. I plan to start loading all my older recordings to my site and removing more from Sound Cloud.

“Ted Writes a Novel” Demonstration Video

I made some progress on my “Ted Writes a Novel” recording demonstration video this week. I had a first cut that runs about 16 ½ minutes. I felt that is too long, but I was not sure what to cut. I think there are places where I can fast forward the video through repetitious sections. I would rather do that than cut them out. It is some thing I’ve been planning to do tomorrow for the last month.

This week I watched the first cut four times and identified around 30 changes I want to make. Now, all I need to do is make those changes, and I’m done.


“Felix” is a short story I first wrote a decade ago. I wasn’t happy with how it turned out and I’ve gone back to look at it from time to time. I did an outline to help me get a better handle on the story. Over the last few days I’ve though that I should just to a minor rewrite and post the story. That will make it a “finished product” for me and I can concentrate on my other unfinished projects.

Other Unfinished Projects

In my last blog post I listed a whole bunch of unfinished projects that were hanging over my head. By no means were these all my unfinished projects. Maybe, like “Felix,” I can go ahead with minor rewrites and thus leave them behind me. It all takes time and energy though. Some of those projects are not worth the effort.

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