Recording Demo and the Older Filmmakers

I started work on a video to demonstrate how I record my writing exercises. I am planning a new meeting of the Older Filmmakers Club for the fall.

“Ted Writes a Novel”

Someone suggested I do a video about how I do my audio recordings of my writing exercises. I am far from an expert in this kind of thing, but then I do know more than some other people, so it may still be worthwhile for me to do.

After a long period of procrastination, I finally started on that this week. I wanted to keep the video brief, so I wrote a very short story: “Ted Writes a Novel.” It was 123 words long and ended up as a 51 second recording.

I used OBS Studio to record my work. I recorded and edited the short story. The screen capture runs about 26 minutes. I made a few mistakes while recording and editing, so the final video will be much shorter. I still need to record some narration to help the video make sense.

I’d like to get the video done and posted this week, but the procrastination bug is still going around.

Older Filmmakers Club

I put the club on hiatus over the summer because I was feeling so tired and needed a break. This week I started to arrange a new meeting for the fall. I’ve been switching between a Monday and Wednesday nights, but this time I decided to go with a Saturday afternoon.

I hope to send out notices this week.

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