Science Fiction Story Ideas

I used to be a big reader of science fiction but haven’t tried to do much along those lines in my own writing. Lately I’ve been musing over a few concepts for science fiction stories.

The ideas I have come up with are mostly just background to a story rather than a story idea itself.

Interstellar Colonisation

I read some where that one possibility for interstellar colonisation is to send interstellar probes that can use genetic technology to recreate people on the new planet. To create a “normal” environment for these children, the probe would create robots that would pretend to be adult humans and act as parents for the new people. The story would be about a young person slowly coming to realize that their parents are really robots.

Alien Watcher Probes

I’ve seen discussions about the possibility of there being alien watcher probes sent to the solar system to study the Earth. I think some people call them lurker probes. The monolith in 2001 is an example of the idea.

Over the millennia the probe would have collected a vast number of videos and other data chronicling the history of Earth. These videos and data would be of great interest to historians, and people who are interested in history. Access to these could allow us to solve many of the mysteries of history.

An AI Civilization Visits Earth

Another discussion I’ve seen is about the possibility alien civilizations where the people have died off and they left their robotic AIs to continue. Some people call these machine civilizations.

It struck me that it is likely that created AIs would have no inner purpose other than to do what the people that created them told them to do. With no one let to tell them what to do, they go searching for people to tell them what they want done.

Didn’t Ancient Aliens Have Something Better to Offer?

I’ve read about the ancient alien hypothesis, where aliens came to Earth and taught people how to create piles of rocks. The question that came to my mind is “Why didn’t they give us something more useful, like flush toilets?”

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  1. How about they did come and try and teach flush toilets but the Neanderthals had trouble making one and they got mad and crushed all their faulty trials and made a pile or rocks.

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