Slow Progress on the “The Barrier”


Slow Progress on the “The Barrier”

I did a little on “The Barrier” this week. My wife’s illness has progressed and that is a higher priority for me than this project, so I don’t expect to have much time for “The Barrier”.

It’s been at least a month since I did any work on “The Barrier”. This week I got back on to it. Mostly I planned out what I need to do, and I didn’t do any actual writing.

My main objective was to see how to fit the new scene I developed into the story. I had to rework the outline to fit it in. I had to delete one scene, add a new scene, and modify another scene to make it all work.

I also wanted to shift the focus of the story to give more emphasis to the story line about the traffic barrier and less on the traffic impact study.

I deleted four scenes about the traffic impact study. I will have to revise one other scene to patch up the problems caused when I cut the other scenes. It was hard to delete the scenes because I thought they were good. I had revised two of the scenes earlier and lost that material too.

That said, I think it improves the movie as a whole. They do say that often you need to cut your favorite scene to make a movie work. Fortunately, my favorite scene survived. At least so far.

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