Some More Experiments for “The Barrier”


Xtranormal State will be rereleased, but it isn’t clear just when that will happen, and what will be available. In the mean time I will do some experiments with StatePlus on some changes I want to make to “The Barrier”.

There are several changes I want to make to “The Barrier” that I wanted to try out.

For example, I want to replace some or all of the synthetic voices with real voices. I tried that out with my own voice and it looks like it isn’t problem technically. I do need some people with better voices than I have though. I’ll need money to pay them too.

This week I focussed on changes to the opening scene. In it, my protagonist drives along a road and then narrowly avoids a collision with a big truck. In the version I used for the current version of the movie, I just have a close up of his face and appropriate sound effects. From the responses I’ve had, this doesn’t make the situation clear to many people.

The kind of action I want for the scene really can’t be done directly in State or StatePlus. There isn’t a set that is appropriate and there isn’t a big truck. They do have a car though and I think I can work around the limitations to get what I want.

My plan is to create the appropriate set in Blender, like I did with the open house scene where I created a small gymnasium. I would need to create a big truck in Blender as well. I plan to work on those changes in Blender later.

If I want to incorporate the car and my character from State/StatePlus I will need to modify the set with the car so that it has a green screen background. I played around with that this week.

The set for the car is a bit tricky to alter to create the green background. Some of the elements of the set are actually props rather than parts of the set, so I needed to find those props and change them as well.

I still have bits and pieces of the set that are not green, so I still have some detective work to do. However, I may be able to get the shots I want with what I have now.

The next thing I need to do for this scene is to create the set in Blender, then I can start to match up the car and the set.

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