Spreading Myself Too Thin – Again

I haven’t produced much in the last couple of weeks, even though I have been busy. When I get working on too many different projects, I don’t get anything done. That has been my problem lately.

I had the Digital Beta tapes from the My Most Difficult Case converted to digital files. I can edit them on my computer. Now all I have to do is edit it.

I have done some enhancements to my website. I created standard page formats, but I focussed on changes to make updating the site easier for me. I started to experiment with advertizing on the internet using Google AdWords. I started with an advert for “Line of Taxis”. Since I started running the ad, I’ve been getting more page views. No revenue generated yet.

Other story ideas, movie ideas, and article ideas keep distracting me. One article I am thinking about is “how can fiction compete with reality?” It has been floating around in my head for a long time. When O.J. had that low speed chase before the police arrested him, millions of people sat and watched a car driving down the highway for hours. You could never do that is a fictional movie.

Recently my wife and I travelled to China, the west coast, and Edmonton. Between the three of them, I shot 7 or 8 hours of video. I am still sorting through that. It is mainly home movie stuff, but I have some shots that I think I can turn into a couple of short documentaries to post on the internet.

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