The Barrier

The Barrier (Video) 85 Minutes.

Arthur Macdonald knew that a traffic barrier would save lives, but he must overcome other barriers first.

Recent graduate, Arthur Macdonald, narrowly avoids a collision with a truck when he takes a short-cut to work. In his job as traffic safety engineer he proposes to erect a median barrier to prevent collisions. His proposal meets with derision from his boss and indifference from the politicians and the public, but Arthur isn’t about to give up. He struggles on toward his goal, despite limited resources, office politics, and City politics.

I plan to revise this movie using actors in place of the artificial voices. If you have any feed back about the movie, let me know and I will see if I can incorporate it into the new version.

You can learn about work I did on transportation planning stories that I did earlier here.

Revised 2019 June 17

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