“The Sad Lady and the Hesitant Father-in-Law” Posted

What seems to be a chance encounter in a park turns out not to be random.


I didn’t think much about what I was going to write, until I sat down to write. I kept my writing down to 30 minutes. I did deviate in rewriting. I remove a line of dialogue that I didn’t like.

My initial worry was that it wouldn’t turn out very well, but when I was done, I felt quite good about it. It would be nice if other people liked it too, but that is for them to decide.

I posted the audio version of my writing exercise this week. This time I did the voice for the female character. I used Rovee in Audacity to try to make it sound like a woman. At least people should be able to distinguish it from the male voice I did.

I started work on the video of the story and made some progress. I talked to an actor about doing the woman’s voice and she was interested. I decided to wait for her rather than use my own voice before I finished the video.

Random Title Generator

I started to promote my random title generator for writing exercises. So far I’ve had positive feedback on it.


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