This, That and The Other Thing

I wasn’t very productive with my film and writing projects this week. I dabbled away on “Felix”, “Bright Freedom”, “The Barrier” and “Two Friends”.



I did do some analysis of my story “Felix”, my Lovecraft/ Science fiction story, in preparation for a rewrite. Mostly I tried to work on the structure and where I needed to rewrite. I wanted this to be my top priority, but I have made any progress on it.

“Bright Freedom”


I also did some analysis of my story “Bright Freedom”, about the woman lawyer. I haven’t done any work on that since the summer of 2012. Again, it was mostly reworking the structure. It needs a lot of work.

“The Barrier”

I did a little experimentation on “The Barrier”, my transportation planning story. Someone suggested that the robot voices really detracted from the movie. I tried to record my voice to replace Arthur’s voice in one of the scenes. It really didn’t work well. I got the timing off. Arthur’s lips were still moving after I finished talking. It is a skill I just don’t have. Maybe I can do it with a little practice.

Xtranormal did allow you to use pre-recorded voices in place of the artificial ones. There is still a rumour that Xtranormal may be restarted, which would allow me to use that approach. Otherwise, some other animation programs have a similar feature.

“Two Friends”


I tried out this week. It is supposed to be like a YouTube for audio. I recorded my short story “Once Upon a Time”, my fable of greed and friendship, and posted it a few years back, but later removed it.

I made one change: I renamed the story “Two Friends”. The audio had the old name, so I tried to re-record the title. Unfortunately the sound quality was very different, so I couldn’t use it. Instead, I found the phrase “Two Friends” in the story and did a copy and paste. I had to modify my website. I renamed the story and added an audio player to the story page.

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