Traffic Simulation Replacement for “The Barrier”

There is scene in “The Barrier” where two characters watch a traffic simulation. I wasn’t happy with the quality of the animation I did for the simulation, so this week I created a replacement for the next version of “The Barrier”.

When I did the previous version of “The Barrier” I used MS PowerPoint to create the animation of the traffic simulation. At the time I didn’t know to use any other software I could use to do the animation. I did consider asking some people I knew to do a video with a real traffic simulation program, but decided against that.

For the new animation I used Blender. I used Blender for some images for “The Barrier” and later to do the new opening scene of the current version of “The Barrier”. I used the Blender file I created for that scene as a basis for the new animation.

I posted a comparison between the new and the old animations on YouTube:

The video I want to replace is at about the 36 minute mark of the current version of “The Barrier”.

In my original plan for “The Barrier” I wanted to include a scene where Arthur shoots a video of the road where he wants to build the barrier. I dropped that idea because I didn’t have the ability to make it work. With the experience I have with Blender now, I think I can put together a decent scene.

I made more changes for the revised script for “The Barrier”. The parts I’m working on now have more drastic changes, so I think I will need to go back later and tune them up.

I think I’m getting closer to the point where it makes sense to get a license to use Nawmal. At least to update the STATE files with the changes I want to make.

I still won’t be ready to record new voices for the movie though. I haven’t decided how to handle that piece of work yet. Useful advice would be kindly accepted.

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