Two Writing Exercises Posted and the Random Title Generator 2022 January 9

I haven’t been very energetic and productive of late, but I did post a couple writing exercise and work on random title generator.

“The Magnificent River”

Paul wants to see Laura, who is on the opposite side the magnificent river.

This was an exercise I wrote last year. I revised it and posted the text on my website back then. It has haunted me since then, so I decided I should do a recording.

“The Princess and The Elated Tax Collector”

The princess does not want to pay her taxes. The tax collector has other ideas.

Our script group did a writing exercise at our meeting this week. Later in the week I recorded and posted it.

Random Title Generator

I did more work on my random title generator this week. There are two things I want to accomplish for my next release.

My first goal is to expand the options for titles. Currently, the titles are set up with just people as the main noun in the title. I wanted to allow things as the main noun. While I was at it, I expanded the number of articles and adjectives.

I’m not sure the term article is what I should be using, since that usually applies to words “the” and “a.” For example, my articles list includes: The Strange Tale of a,” “Ask Me About a,” and “Out of the Mist Came the.” I wouldn’t describe these as articles, but I haven’t come up with a more appropriate word.

I also realized that not all of the articles and adjectives made sense for both people and things, so I split them into three groups. The first group made sense for both things and people. The second group made sense for people and not things. The third group made sense for things, but not people. This does complicate the set up of the web page.

The existing title generations can create around 233,000,000 unique titles. If I ever finish the revised version, it will be able to create around 811,000,000 unique titles. Of course, as I noted on the page itself, not all of these will make sense.

My other goal was to display all of the titles that random title generator produced during a session. A major user of the generator suggested that this would be helpful. I had looked into this before, but I was thinking in terms of having a back key that would recall earlier titles. I couldn’t figure out how to do this. I am by no means a Java power user. However, I realized that setting up the code to display all of the earlier titles would be easier to do. I’ve been trying to find out how to do that. I haven’t found any examples of code that does this. I looked at on-line Java documentation, but I found it a bit opaque. I can glean enough to realize that it can be done. That doesn’t mean I can do it.

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