Video about a Senator and an Audio about a Soil Scientist

I finished and posted “The Desperation of the Wretched Senator” last week. This week I posted audio of my writing exercise: “A Journal for a Silly Social Scientist”.

“The Desperation of the Wretched Senator”

A politician tries to keep his past deeds from coming back to haunt him.

I have been more lethargic than dynamic the last few weeks. I let this video sit idle for weeks. I finally got back to work on it last week. I made a few changes and got it posted.

“A Journal for a Silly Social Scientist”

A panel of Scientists are taken aback by an unexpected request.

I lollygagged on my most recent writing exercise too. But I got it done this week. I wasn’t too inspired by the title, but I felt the end result wasn’t too bad.

Stalled Projects

I have several projects that I have let lie over the past few weeks. I have pretty much all I need to make videos of “The Sad Lady and the Hesitant Father-in-law”, “The Dread of the Daring Rocketeer”, and “Time Enough for the Anxious Social Media Manager”. I just need to get myself back on track.

Animation Programs

After a period of procrastination, I planned to try out Unreal Engine 5 this week. Unfortunately, it turns out that it won’t run on my computer. My graphics card is too old. I think the rest of the system may be OK though. I think that if I want to run it, I’d be better off to get a new computer rather than trying to upgrade my old one. I’m not keen to do that just yet.

As a result, I decided to have another look at what I can do with Blender for animation. People have used it to do a lot of the same things as Unreal Engine. I just haven’t figured out how to do them.

I also found out about another program, iClone. I think I’ll take a look at. Unlike Unreal Engine and Blender, you do have to pay for it, but it doesn’t cost very much.

None of these other programs seem as easy to use as NAWMAL.

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