Week Six: When do I start on the actual script?

The question of when I would start writing the actual script was on my mind this week. I had hoped that I would get the revision of the outline done, so I could start on the script next week. I only got about 2,000 words written and still have a ways to go yet.

I have been following Screenplay-Tip on Facebook for a while and they had a relevant idea this week.

Note: the page seems to have been deleted. There are several pages with this or similar names, but I don’t know which was the one I referenced.

“Don’t edit as you go along. This will overwhelm you. Finish the story and then go back and revise structural issues.”

I am having some problems with the plot now and was considering whether to work on those first, or write the script and deal with them later. The advice Screenplay-Tip has is to get the script written first, and then work on the problems.

When I wrote The Anger Trap, I ended up wishing I had spent some more time working on the outline before I started on the script. I can see the other side of the issue though. Starting on the script will bring out the characters more. Understanding the characters should make it easier to solve the plot problems.

I worry about having some underwhelming clues for my detective, but then I don’t think that details like that should stop me from going forward. Usually these are details that can be brought out later.

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