What Would A Revolution in the Future Be Like?


I posted a new short story about a revolution in a future society.

“Pete’s Plan” is the story of a man who wants a better life for his children. In the world he lives in there isn’t much of a future for them. But, one day, Pete realizes that he has a unique opportunity to change that.

Read it here: https://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/stories/petes-plan/

The Story Behind the Story

I wrote this story a couple years ago. In part it was inspired by an article that I wrote some time earlier: “What Would A World With 90 Per Cent Unemployment Be Like?” https://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/articles/what-would-a-world-with-90-per-cent-unemployment-be-like/

The story ended up to be almost exactly 1,000 words long. I felt good about it and submitted it to a science fiction magazine. They rejected it, so I tried a few others, but no one bought it. The main criticism was that it read more like a proposal for a story than a story.

I was reluctant to rewrite the story, because as it stood, it reflected almost exactly what I wanted to say. I put the story away with the idea that maybe down the road I might come up with a different approach. The one possibility was that it could be rewritten in first person. I think it would lose something.

Finally, I decided that I should go ahead and post it. I hope you find it worth the read.

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