Contingency uses the history of the $100 Film Festival to contemplate how random events can shape people’s lives. Several times along the way, the idea for the festival very nearly died in obscurity. Contingency is a very personal film, and so many people who watch it will not fully understand it. To help those people who wish to understand the film better, I prepared this detailed description of the film:

The $100 Film Festival screened Contingency as the first film on Saturday night (2012 March 10). The screening began at 7:00 p.m. in the Stanford Perrott Lecture Theatre in the Alberta College of Art and Design (1407-14 Ave NW). More information on their website:

The film won the Best of Alberta Award.

$100 Film Festival Best of Alberta Award

$100 Film Festival Best of Alberta Award

I post updates for this project on my blog:

I plan to transfer the film to video and post it on-line in the near future.

You can read a brief review of my film at More $100 Film Festival Reviews by Tim Zak.

I am very proud of the $100 Film Festival. However, as I think back to how I came up with the idea, there were many times when it could have simply died as an idea. In a broader view of the world, there is so much of what we have today didn’t have to be.

I made this film on 16mm film, but used the work print to create the film in the same way I would a Super 8 film.

Because of the structure of the film I wasn’t able to list any of the other people who helped with the film on the film itself. Of course no film is ever made by one person, so here is a list of some of the people who contributed in some way to this film.

Yvonne Abusow, Patrick Aull, Wayne Bernier, Clarence Boudreau, Warren Brunt, Alan Cave, Kevin Chinook, Mona Dallmann, Rick Doe (The Local Lab), Doris Findlay, Carol Gluszko, Stephen Hanon, Mary Hennigan,Varnia Henry, Linda Hills, Howard Horwitz, Brian Howland, Keith D. Humphrey, Andy Jaremko, David Jones, Louis Koutis, Rietta Peters Martell, Bryson Montgomery, Charles Morison, Doreen Morison, James Beattie Morison (my father), Glenn Morison, Keith Morison, Morag Morison, Niagara Film Services, Vip Patel, Gord Pepper, James Reckseidler, Bernie Saint Pierre, Somjai Santiratikul, Pamela M. Sears, Walter B. Shepherd, Janice Starko, Neil Taylor, Myreil Wei, Melanie Wilmink, Rob Willcox, Michael R. Willis, Jinwei Zhang, and some people from Wayne Bernier’s SAIT film class whose names I forgot.

Last, but not least: that guy who walked up to the Plaza door, who I didn’t talk to because he ruined my shot, which then turned out to be the most important shot in the film.

If you helped me and I’ve missed you, please let me know and I will correct the list.

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